What do we do?

Lamella provides facilitation, education, and consultation designed to build your empathy and advocacy with marginalized groups—with a particular focus on queer and trans people.

Dynamic and interactive trainings, personalized to your organization, give you the opportunity to explore key concepts for equity, and put them into practice.

Individualized, solution-driven consulting helps you solve complex challenges of inclusion.

If you’re looking to build a culture of belonging for your clients and staff, expand your diversity and inclusion efforts, or just increase your own learning—get in touch.

Help your practices align with your values—we can help.

Creating space to do the work

We meet you where you’re at.

Everyone enters conservations around equity and inclusion at different stages– and working from your foundation ensures that we can build up with a shared vocabulary.

Our approach is collaborative and responsive to your needs.

There’s no one-size-fits-all training or plan for inclusion. We’ll work with you to identify key opportunities for change.

We create compassionate environments for learning.

Growing your skillsets in diversity and inclusion can be challenging at best, and downright terrifying at worst. Our empathetic approach honors the discomfort and creates a welcoming space to explore and apply new concepts.

About the founder

My name is Lila Leatherman. I use they/them pronouns and I am a white, queer, nonbinary trans person. I am an educator, facilitator, writer, and consultant.

With eight years of facilitation and teaching experience in subjects ranging from writing to biology to contemporary feminism, I bring a curious, critical, and interdisciplinary approach to my work. I’m committed to holding space and leaning into the process.

I am trained as a research scientist in plant ecology. I went on to a pursue a PhD in science, but left my program in 2019– in part because I did not feel welcome as a trans person.

Now, as a facilitator and consultant, my goal is to help other organizations develop skills to help trans people belong.

When I’m not facilitating, lesson-planning, or sending emails, you can find me at the climbing gym or playing in the canyons in Salt Lake City, homeland of the Eastern Shoshone, Núu-agha-tʉvʉ-pʉ̱ (Ute), and Goshute+.

You can also learn more about me on my personal website.

Why Lamella?

The name Lamella means a layer. In plant biology, a lamella is part of the complex systems that help plants turn light into energy.

The word lamella is singular, but a lamella doesn’t exist on its own. It is only in relation to others, and in repetition, that it can build and grow new things.

This aligns with our philosophy for learning, growing, and advocacy— that collaboration, repetition, and synthesis are necessary components of building for complex change.