The best way to build your knowledge and skills around inclusion is to practice them.

I’ll work with you to develop a training that fits your needs. For your staff, your leadership team, or your board.

Popular topics:

  • Trans 101: Fundamentals of gender equity
  • Trans 201: Developing allyship
  • Opportunities for inclusion: Identifying challenges for transgender people at your organization
  • Hosting a gender-inclusive event
  • Key concepts in diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Communication skills for critical conversations
Interested in another topic? Just ask! I’d love to work with you to design the perfect workshop for your organization.


Have a quick question about inclusion? Or, want to plan a longer project? I can help.

Some common questions may include:
  • How do I respectfully inquire about a person’s pronouns?
  • What do I do about gender-neutral bathrooms at my event?
  • I want to be inclusive—how do I incorporate my values into my organization’s name or mission statement?
I can also help with:
  • Strategic training plans
  • Inclusive event planning
  • Curriculum planning and workshop series development
  • Audit for inclusive language in web, print, or marketing copy


Looking to deepen your own understanding and advocacy with trans folks? Let’s talk through it together.

We can explore fundamentals of gender and trans inclusion, practice common interventions, and answer any questions you have about applying these lessons to your own practice or business.

Go session by session, or commit to a five-session series.

Making climbing more inclusive

I’m passionate about rock climbing– and about making sure this sport is truly for everyone.

Photo by Irene Yee

Importantly, inclusion is a risk management issue—we are much safer learners and activity partners when we feel like we belong. I’d love to help your gym or guiding company create a safe and welcoming environment for all of your participants.

As a climber, experienced both in the gym and on the mountain, I bring an intimate knowledge of the sport’s culture and practice.